Individual solutions to protect surfaces, bundle and affix sets of cables, and for installation, noise insulation, and tamper-proof labeling.

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08/27/15 tesa will be exhibiting at the ‘FAST Exhibition’ on Wednesday 9th September
On Septemer the 9th tesa will be at F1 Williams Conference Centre in Wantage Showcasing its products
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08/26/15 tesa® ACXplus receives international recognition
tesa®, a world-leading exponent of adhesive tape development, has received accreditation for its ACXplus range of tapes from a leading laser systems manufacturer.
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Insect Protection

Visual tesa® Insect Stop

tesa Insect Stop

Sometimes even summer has its drawbacks, such as when the cool breeze wafting in through the open window brings flies, mosquitoes and wasps into your home. Protect yourself with tesa® Insect Stop protective screens.
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01/28/15 tesacohesion® works for Alan Nuttall Ltd
Enhancing process efficiencies, which would play a key
role in identifying areas for improvement.
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