Individual solutions to protect surfaces, bundle and affix sets of cables, and for installation, noise insulation, and tamper-proof labeling.

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07/23/15 tesa® investment in cutting edge technology will benefit customers
tesa®’s UK operation, based in Milton Keynes, has purchased a state-of-the-art slitting machine that will ensure the company meets the demand for bespoke adhesive tapes for many years to come.
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07/23/15 tesa® 4965 takes flight
tesa® 4965, a transparent double-sided tape consisting of a PET backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive developed for especially demanding applications involving heavy stress, high temperatures and critical substrates, is finding increasing acceptance in the aviation sector for permanent mounting of parts and panels.
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Insect Protection

Visual tesa® Insect Stop

tesa Insect Stop

Sometimes even summer has its drawbacks, such as when the cool breeze wafting in through the open window brings flies, mosquitoes and wasps into your home. Protect yourself with tesa® Insect Stop protective screens.
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01/28/15 tesacohesion® works for Alan Nuttall Ltd
Enhancing process efficiencies, which would play a key
role in identifying areas for improvement.
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