Converting Vehicles Efficiently

Converting Vehicles Efficiently

The demand for vehicles to be customised to meet the requirements of the end user is increasing. Modern adhesive tapes are replacing traditional bonding techniques in the conversion of vehicles.

Your Partner in Vehicle Conversion

With over 125 years of experience in the production of adhesive tapes, tesa® is providing a reliable alternative to traditional bonding techniques like welding, brazing and use of rivets in the conversion of vehicles. The use of tesa® adhesive tapes during vehicle conversion has many benefits, amongst them:

  • Time saving - Increase in production capacity
  • Cleaner and safer production
  • Less health and safety considerations
  • Lightweighting 

Drawing on our vast experience in the automotive industry, let us help you to deliver outstanding results in an efficient, clean and proven way that meets your customers ever increasing demands in quality and time of delivery.

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Where can Adhesive Tape Help?

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Trucks, Trailers and Rigid Bodies

Bonding Load Lock Rails
Removing the need for rivets by mounting loadlock rails with tesa® ACXplus 707x series

Any bond in a truck, trailor or rigid body has to stand up to extremely high stresses and loading factors, tesa® adhesive tapes exceed OEM requirements which makes tesa® a reliable partner in the production and conversion of special vehicles.

Remove the time and weight of mounting loadlock rails in trailers with rivets by using tesa® ACXplus technology, not only will you benefit from time and weight savings, tesa® ACXplus also is resistant to corrosion and can even improve the look of the vehicle, letting designers create eye catching designs or your customers being able to display their logos correctly.

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Recreational Vehicles and Caravans

Mirror mounting
Remove glue drying times and unsightly screw or clips when mounting mirrors in caravans

Due to the many different surfaces and materials involved in the production of caravans and recreational vehicles, tesa® adhesive tapes provide first class bonding strengths.

Reduce the visual impact of clips or screws, or the drying time of glues when mounting mirrors on to ABS by using the LGA approved  double sided foam tape tesa® 4952. The acrylic adhesive and the PE Foam makes this suitable for mounting mirrors in humid environments.

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For further information download the brochures and case study

Some of our products for vehicle converting

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tesa® Professional 4334 Precision Mask®

flat paper
90 µm
4 %

tesa® 4580

160 µm

tesa® 4651

acrylic-coated cloth
natural rubber
310 µm
13 %

tesa® 4657

acrylic-coated cloth
thermosetting natural rubber
290 µm
7.5 %

tesa® 4952

PE foam
tackified acrylic
1150 µm
200 %

tesa® ACXplus 7078

foamed acrylic
pure acrylic
2000 µm
1000 %

tesa® 50530 PV3

polyolefinic film
79 µm
800 %

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