Effective protection from laser printer particulate emissions with tesa adhesive fine dust particle filters.
Fine Dust Filter

Fine Dust Filter

tesa Clean Air® is a fine dust filter for laser printers consisting of a three-layer special fleece, providing healthier air in your office or home. Thus, the printer filter reduces the health risk from fine and ultra-fine dust particles, which are invisible to the naked eye. The fine dust filter is quickly and easily attached with a self-adhesive hook and loop system on the ventilation slit. The functionality and performance of the printer are in no way diminished. After 70,000 prints or 12 months, the printer filter can be disposed of in the regular rubbish bin.

The Problem: Fine Dust Diminishes Health

Many people are unaware of how damaging the fine dust from laser printers can be to health. For each printed page, up to 8.7 million fine dust particles are released into the air. In some offices, the air is more polluted than at an average spot on the road. Compared to the fine dust emissions from cars, though, the particles are smaller and thus able to settle in the lung or even in the blood stream. This in turn can lead to diminished pulmonary function, chronic bronchitis, or tumours. What can you do against that?

The Solution: tesa Clean Air®

Thanks to the cooperation between tesa® and the filter manufacturer Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, there is a clear answer: Use tesa Clean Air®, the efficient fine dust filter for laser printers! The printer filter is suitable for all laser printers with central ventilation (approx. 70% of all devices), holds back up to 94% of their fine and ultra-fine particles, and thus considerably reduces the health risk. The fine and ultra-fine particles are permanently and securely bonded to the filter so that it can be conveniently thrown into the rubbish after use.

Composition of the Fine Dust Filter

The printer filter consists of environmentally neutral and fully recyclable fleece materials. The special fleece is extremely tear-proof, flame-retardant and paper-free, thus making it resistant against mould formation as well as bacterial and fungal growth. Three layers ensure that even the finest of dust particles are filtered. The first layer is a pre-filter, retaining the larger particles. In the middle layer, charged microfibres deal with the smaller particles. And the third, particularly fine-pored layer takes care of the tiniest of particles.

Usage of the Printer Filter

Little effort, maximum effect! Attaching a fine dust filter is child’s play.

  1. First clean the area around the vent so that the surface is free of dust, oil, oxides and separating agents.
  2. Now remove the protective foil from the adhesive tape and firmly press the filter onto the dry surface. The printer filter should fully cover the vent slit.
  3. Briefly remove the filter, again firmly press the hook and loop strips to the printer, and then re-attach the printer filter to the hook and loop strips. In order to achieve maximum adhesion, the filter must not be removed from the printer during the next 24 hours.
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Advantages at a Glance

  • Retains up to 94% of all fine and ultra-fine dust particles
  • Provides healthier air and protects from unnecessary pollution
  • Simple application thanks to a self-adhesive hook and loop system
  • Certified effectiveness against fine and toner dust
  • Long-term protection: up to 70,000 prints or at most 12 months
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