Liquid glue for handicrafts
Liquid Glues: Practical, Universally Applicable

Liquid Glues: Practical, Universally Applicable

Our practical liquid adhesives can be used for countless crafts and adhesive tasks at home, at the office or in the workshop. With these highly useful everyday aids, you can glue together the most diverse materials, such as paper, cardboard, felt and leather. The transparent and liquid glues are powerful adhesives and dry quickly. Our range also includes all-purpose glue, craft glue and superglue.

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Superglue, Liquid Glue and Spray Glue Master Special Challenges

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While the liquid glues are frequently used for all kinds of handicrafts, superglue is suited for challenges requiring particularly powerful adhesive performance as fast as possible. For example, superglue enables you to repair broken china. You can rely on our glues even if you want to affix heavier materials. Our spray glues are the solution when working with cardboard, metal, plastic, wood or rubber.