White-design desk tape dispenser with stop-pad technology for office tape.
Tape Dispensers

Tape Dispensers

With a tape dispenser, you’ll make your work easier, and you’ll always have adhesive film ready for use. Our practical dispensers are available in the form of desk or hand dispensers and in a wide variety of sizes and designs. For our classic tesafilm®, we have contemporary desk dispensers on offer, among which the COMPACT, FRAME and SMART products particularly stand out. They are equipped with the new “stop-pad” technology, which prevents the dispenser from slipping around on the desk.


Adhesive Tape Dispensers – Essential Everyday Helpers at Home and at the Office

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In our range, you will find various desk dispensers, including innovative models with stop-pad technology. While many older desk dispensers were filled with sand to secure their place on the surface, an innovative adhesive solution fulfils that function here. The special thing about these is that their adhesive power can be easily and fully reactivated by cleaning the adhesive area with water. These modern adhesive tape dispensers are therefore much lighter but nonetheless enable you to work with one hand. Moreover, they impress with their timelessly beautiful design. Of course, we also offer small hand dispensers that enable you to use our adhesive tape comfortably. Rounding out our dispenser range are packaging tape dispensers with which you can seal cardboard boxes and packages quickly and reliably.

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