Decorative DIY Lantern
DIY Lantern

DIY Lantern

Delicate plants and flowers not only decorate the wayside during a picnic - Pressed and dried, they also embellish candle wind protectors.


Collect all items and let's start!
DIY Lantern / Step 1


Collect all items and let's start!

Measure and cut
DIY Lantern / Step 2


Cut the cover sheets as follows: large lantern 3 x 18 cm x 21 cm, small lantern 3 x 15 cm x 16 cm.

Using tesa TACK to stick Leaves
DIY Lantern / Step 3


Carefully stick adhesive pads on the backside of the pressed plants and glue them onto a cut-out cover sheet. This way, they will stay in place.

Placing clear sheets over the pressed leaves
DIY Lantern / Step 4


Place the second cover sheet on the first.

Use tesa extra Power to create the border of the lantern
DIY Lantern / Step 5


Now border the upper and the lower edges (large - 18 cm, small - 16 cm) with the fabric tape. Simply border one side of the edge, then turn the sheet around and glue the other half of the tape around the edge. Cut off the ends. Border the single third cover sheet the same way as above.

Use tesa extra Power to join the sheets together
DIY Lantern / Step 6


Place both cover parts next to each other and apply a strip of fabric tape onto the center of the cut edges. On each side, leave 1 cm of tape.

Fold the ends in to keep it tidy
DIY Lantern / Step 7


Fold the ends inwards.

Fold the sheets over and join together with tesa extra power
DIY Lantern / Step 8


Fold the parts together and apply fabric tape to one half of the still open edge. On each side, leave 1 cm of tape.

Fold tesa extra Power over to create the final border
DIY Lantern / Step 9


Turn the sheet around, and apply the adhesive tape 3 cm above and below the edge.

Open the sheets and tidy up the edge of the tesa extra power
DIY Lantern / Step 10


Open the lantern, smooth down the rest of the fabric tape and glue the ends inwards.

Add the glass and the tea light
DIY Lantern / Step 11


Place a transparent disposable cup with a tea candle inside the lantern.

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