Door insulation to save on energy costs
Draught Excluders for Doors

Draught Excluders for Doors

With our tesamoll® draught excluders for doors, you can reliably protect your living space from cold draughts, dust and noise. All it takes is a couple of cracks or small openings to significantly lower your living comfort. Door brushes and self-adhesive rubber seals enable you to easily insulate your doors, leaving the cold where it belongs – outside! That way you’ll only be heating those areas you really want to heat, saving energy costs.

Draught Excluders for Doors for Pleasant Living

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In the cold months of the year, draughts can become unpleasant and above all a cost factor. Cold air creeps through gaps in doors, entering the living space, while warm radiator heat escapes more quickly. Both lead to unnecessary energy costs, but can be prevented easily and effectively with our innovative door seals. These seals can be simply attached to the door, stopping not only draughts but also dust and noise. Mounting them is easy with the included instructions

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tesaMoll® Draught Excluder for Doors