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tesa Insect Stop nets for windows and doors offers natural protection against insects and are quick and easy to install
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Protecting Windows

Insect protection for windows
Protecting Windows
Let in the fresh air to your heart's content, even in the evening while the lights are on. We offer you three different solutions, suitable for every window.
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tesa® Insect Stop Fliegengitter

Insect protection for doors from tesa.
Protecting Doors
Simple to mount, easy to remove and reusable – these four solutions provide protection for house, patio and motorhome doors.
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Mosquito Net

Protection against mosquitoes while you sleep
Our mosquito nets not only provide decorative insect protection for the home, but are also perfect for your travels.
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tesa Insect Stop

Find out more about the settings for the tesa® Insect Stop solutions.
Installation instructions
Here you can find help with setting up our tesa® Insect Stop solutions.
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Reliable protection from insects with tesa® Insect Stop

Protect yourself against annoying insects in the summer with an insect screen

During the warm months people love to do things outside. The garden can finally be used again and the grilling season reaches a climax. Unfortunately, open windows and doors in this idyll are an invitation to unwelcome guests like flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other insects... Now you can use tesa® Insect Stop, the efficient, simple-to-mount and multi-purpose protection against insects!

With our fly and insect screens, you can ventilate all day and enjoy the cool breeze. Keep pests outside and don't let them bother your family or get on your nerves. Our insect protection products come in various designs. Protect your windows with, use a special fly screen for doors or take along mosquito net when spending the night away from home.