tesa® cloth tape – the all-rounder in all colours
Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape

Nothing lasts forever. This applies particularly to household articles and garden tools, as you will surely have noticed. A fabric tape allows you to repair seemingly defective objects. Therefore, you won’t have to replace them and you will save a lot of money. The environment will also be grateful as you won’t inflict more waste on it. And don’t underestimate the good feeling you can get from repairing something with your own two hands!

Cloth Tapes Rise to Many Challenges

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Many defective objects don’t need to be replaced. This may not be a particularly common idea in our modern consumer society, but not so long ago it was absolutely normal. Before throwing anything away, people tried whatever they could think of to fix it. With our fabric tapes and a little technical skill, you can follow in your ancestors’ footsteps…

If you want to, for instance, mend the spine of a book or the handles of a bike, you can rely on our fabric tapes. Our cloth tape is suitable for (long-term) interior and exterior application, extremely resistant, waterproof, offers enormous adhesive performance, and can be used to bundle or package things as well as for doing handicrafts. And should you need to mark something, these jacks of all trades will be there for you. The fabric tapes are available in various colours, and you can even write on them.