Powerful duct tape for repairs inside and outside
Duct Tape

Duct Tape

We believe our duct tapes should be present in every household and office. Something will always break, something that requires a quick and makeshift repair. With duct tape, you always stay on the safe side, giving you time to calmly look for an expert. And sometimes the fabric tape will also serve as a permanent solution, so the tradesman can stay at home. All of our duct tapes impress with their excellent adhesive quality and are comfortable to use.

Extra-Powerful Fabric Tapes for Repairs Inside and Outside

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Whether it’s the shower cubicle, plastic elements in the car, roof guttering, a drain pipe or a water hose that’s broken, our repair tapes will allow you to at least temporarily fix damage at home, in the garden, while camping, in the car or at festivals. Of course, these extra-powerful fabric tapes are also valuable helpers when you have to package, reinforce, bundle or mark something. Our fabric tapes are jacks of all trades with which you can master almost any challenge, inside or outside. All duct tapes are extremely robust and offer impressive adhesive power. Learn more about our adhesive solutions and decide which fabric tape will help best in solving your problem.