With our special repairing tapes you can contain the damage.
Special-Purpose Repair Tapes

Special-Purpose Repair Tapes

When a shower head is dripping, a water pipe is leaking or an electric cord is damaged, you can help yourself quickly and easily. Our repair adhesive tapes include specialities such as pipe repair tapes or insulation adhesive tapes. With these, you can at least get over the first moment of shock, gain time, and subsequently decide calmly on your next steps. In some cases, our pipe sealing tapes and other speciality adhesive tapes are not just a temporary but a permanent solution. Learn now about our “first aiders” for dealing with emergencies!

Our Tip: Always Keep Plumber’s Tape at Hand!

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Emergencies usually occur when they are least expected. During the weekend or late at night. If a water pipe is leaking, you don’t need to call a plumber right away if you can help yourself first. A pre-condition for that, of course, is that you have some pipe repair tape at home. With our adhesive solutions, you can always fully rely on the proven tesa® adhesive technology to make a dependable seal of the leak. With tesa® extra Power, we have in our range a plumber’s tape that can even be used in severe cases. All pipe repair tapes can be used comfortably, are waterproof and particularly resistant. Equip yourself now for an emergency!