tesa® TACK

tesa® TACK are double-sided self-adhesive pads that are ideal to attach a postcard or any lightweight object with the option of easy removal.

  • Simple and clean
  • No greasy stains
  • Transparent and thin

Order no:
Dimensions: 60 Pads

Main features

  • Simple and clean
  • No greasy stains
  • Transparent and thin
  • Reusable and repositionable
  • Removable from sufficiently sound surfaces without leaving traces
  • Intelligent alternative to magnets and drawing pins

Product description

tesa® TACK is the modern and versatile alternative to traditional thumbtacks or poster hangers. These both-sided self-adhesive pads are simply ideal to attach sketches, or any other flat and lightweight object to the wall or onto other objects. They also come in handy to fix notes, reminders or shopping lists to the refrigerator. Equipped with a special bonding agent they offer reliable adhesion on any flat and sufficiently smooth surface. Plus they leave you with the option to remove them anytime without leaving any traces.

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You want to hang up a postcard? You are used to have a shopping list on your refrigerator door that you only need to take off on your way to the supermarket? You want to attach seasonal decorations to the wall in order to remove them later? Then it is time for you to get to know tesa® TACK.

Mounting pads for easy hanging

tesa® TACKs are not only a better alternative to conventional thumbtacks. They also open a wealth of applications to attach, hang up, fix something. Technically speaking they are small double-sided self-adhesive pads that stick on any flat and sufficiently firm surface. In practical terms, they are ideal to hang up anything that is lightweight and flat.

Easy attaching and removing

tesa® TACKs are a good solution if you want to hang up something permanently. But their real qualities become evident if you want to take it down one day. While hooks or thumbtacks will leave holes in the wall and permanent self-adhesive tapes require you to scrape of residues of bonding agent, tesa® TACKs are removable self-adhesive pads. This means, you only need to pull them off the wall and will not have to worry about any visible traces.

Removable and reusable adhesion

If you used tesa® TACKs with cardboard or any other sufficiently firm surface, you are not only able to remove these double-sided self-adhesive pads without having to worry about traces of bonding agent. Since they keep their adhesive power even after removal, you can also reuse them multiple times.

Better than magnets or thumbtacks

Magnets are also a practical means to temporarily attach things to a wall. But they only work in combination with a strip of metal or a pin board. Thumbtacks will to the job, but will eventually leave you with a wall covered with countless little holes that look anything but attractive. Using tesa® TACKs means that any flat surface is yours and it is up to you whether you want to permanently attach something or take it down one day.