tesa Precision Mask

tesa Precision Mask

Made from Japanese rice paper and available in Indoor, Sensitive Low Tack and Outdoor, tesa® Precision Mask range has your masking requirements covered so you have the right tape for the job

tesa professional precision mask 50mx30mm yellow
tesa Professional Precision Mask Indoor

tesa® Precision Mask Indoor Plus

tesa® 4334 Precision Mask Plus masking tape consists of an extra-thin and strong Japanese rice paper (Washi) backing and is recommended for use on a range of surfaces, including glass, aluminium, PVC and wood.

The combination of the highly equipped backing material and the special adhesive formulation allows easy removability has now been increased from 5 months to 6 months. The translucent backing allows for easy positioning it is also easy to tear by hand.

tesa® 4334 Precision Mask Plus masking tape has the added benefit that it can now be used outdoors. Suitable for almost all outdoor paint jobs, it can be used with all common kinds of paint and lacquers.

tesa® 4334 Precision Mask Plus masking tape is easily removable up to 8 weeks outdoors in direct sunlight, without leaving residues and offers the precise razor sharp paint edge and no paint bleed for which it’s renowned

tesa professional precision mask sensitive 50mx30mm
tesa Professional Precision Mask Sensitive

tesa® Precision Mask Sensitive

Expensive wallpapers and high quality painted surfaces need proper protection. tesa Precision Mask Sensitive masking tape delivers great results on delicate surfaces.

tesa Indoor Precision Sensitive masking tape can be removed up to 1 week after application without leaving any residue and all in one piece – without tearing or damaging the surface on removal

tesa Precision Masking Sensitive masking tape can be precisely and reliably applied for up to 7 days without damaging the surface on removal.

For the professional this means the guarantee of a finish to take pride in, without the cost and time of removing adhesive residue or having to cope with paint bleed


tesa Precision Sensitive features and benefits:

  • Suitable for use on sensitive surfaces such as wallpaper
  • Precise razor sharp paint edges - No paint bleed
  • Can be torn by hand
  • Easy removability up to 1 week after application
  • For use on smooth and slightly textured surfaces

tesa professional precision mask outdoor 50mx30mm blue
tesa Professional Precision Mask Outdoor

tesa® Precision Mask Outdoor

Masking tapes which are to be used outdoors have different demands placed on them both from the weather and sunlight (UV light), and it is critical they have a degree of resistance to both depending on the circumstances of use.
During renovation work on façades, high-value surfaces such as window frames and metal exterior coverings are at particular risk. The tesa® Outdoor Masking Assortment is specifically tailored to these uses and provides dependable weather resistant protection and a razor sharp paint edge for problem areas during exterior work on buildings.


The new tesa Outdoor Masking tape, tesa 4440 is a slightly thicker paper masking tape than the previous tesa 4439, but is still ideal for extremely flat paint edges and has an improved from 8 weeks to 26 weeks residue free removal makes it suitable for long-term outdoor painting purposes.

  • Precise paint edges - no plaint bleed
  • For slightly uneven surfaces
  • Residue-free removal for up to 26 weeks outdoors
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • For painting jobs which have to be exact and require a razor sharp paint edge
  • Suitable for all paints