General Applications

Double Sided Tape

Due to their high and long-lasting adhesive strength, double-sided tapes allow objects to be quickly and easily fixed to a wide range of different surfaces.

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Double Sided Adhesive Tapes

There are many applications for double sided adhesive tapes and they offer many advantages. For example, there is no need to allow for curing before the next production stage potentially improving productivity.

tesa double sided tapes are available with a variety of carriers, such as filmic (e.g. polyester, polypropylene or PVC); PE, PE/EVA or PUR foam, cloth, non-woven tissue) and transfer tapes (no carrier). These are combined with different adhesives each with their own specific characteristics. Modified and pure acrylic adhesives as well as natural rubber and synthetic rubber adhesives are all used.

High performance double sided tapes with acrylic adhesives are suitable for outdoor applications and offer very good resistance to UV light, water and ageing.

tesa’s ACXplus family which consists of a high performance acrylic adhesive with optimum viscoelastic properties offers an excellent bond, even on low surface energy substrates, stress dissipation and outstanding temperature and weather resistance.

Double Sided Tapes

tesa double sided tape ideal for mouting applications

Industrial Double Sided Tapes

Industrial Double Sided tapes cover many applications which require a reliable bond, short-term or long term, to different materials.
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Double Sided Tapes


Consumer Double Sided Tapes

Consumer Double Sided tapes cover many applications around the home, office or at school. Whether its mounting mirrors to bathroom walls or numbers on front doors
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